Who is Jenny Popach? Everything to Know About The Girl Who Allegedly Broke Into the Hype House With Her Mom (2024)

Who is Jenny Popach? Everything to Know About The Girl Who Allegedly Broke Into the Hype House With Her Mom (1)

After the Hype House moved out of their original mansion for some new digs, a group of girls and one of their moms allegedly broke into the old place. They filmed some TikToks, explored the house, and tried on some of Chase Hudson clothes. Unsurprisingly, the Hype House members weren't pleased, and fans weren't happy either. Chase Hudson, Avani Gregg, and more quickly called out the girls and the mom for trespassing and going through their things. So, who is the girl and her mom who were allegedly behind the whole thing? Here's everything to know about Roselie Arritola, aka Jenny Popach, and her mom Maria Ulacia.

Who is Roselie?

Roselie is a 13-year-old TikTok star who has over 600K followers on the platform. Roselie also goes by Jenny Popach as well as Depophatesyou and That Girl Maria on social media.

Who is her mom?

Roselie's mom, Maria, is fairly TikTok famous in her own right with almost 200K followers on the platform. Maria often posts videos with her daughter, as well as her sons.

Do they have drama between them?

In April 2020, Rosalie and her mom did have a fairly public feud that was documented on various TikTok gossip sites. It started when Maria posted a video crying, saying that her daughter treats her poorly.

"You know what she reminds me of? Have you ever seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? That little girl, how she's like, 'I want those squirrels, I want those squirrels, daddy.' She wants what she wants at the moment," Maria said in a now-deleted TikTok. "Everyone's got to cater to her and I've been doing that sh*t and I'm tired of that f*cking sh*t. I don't deserve to be treated like sh*t anymore by her, by anybody...She doesn't respect me, man. I'm just not even going to f*cking talk to her anymore, bro."

Maria continued, comparing her relationship with Rosalie to Addison Rae's relationship with her mom, Sheri. "Look at Addison Rae and her mom," Maria said. "She treats her mother like f*cking gold from what I see. Wants her to be in all of her f*cking videos. Loves her mother. Looks like she loves her mother to death...Everybody is so good with their moms and you don't even know how bad [Rosalie] treats me. She treats me so bad...Dude, something is wrong this kid, bro. I need some f*cking advice because I don't even want to talk to her anymore, I really don't."

Later, though, Maria went back on TikTok to confirm she talked things out with her daughter and they were on better terms. "We are just going to maintain a parent-daughter, mother-daughter relationship and that's about it, but we are better. We are fine," she said.

Rosalie later confirmed that she was on good terms with her mom by posting a TikTok of the two of them dancing with the caption, "When everyone thinks you hate each other lmao."

So what happened at the Hype House?

In June 2020, Roselie and her mom went viral when they allegedly snuck into the old Hype House and filmed multiple videos in the space. Maria even posted one video going through some of the stuff that was left at the House, while saying that they were going to start a "Junior Hype House" there.

Roselie and Maria are saying that they didn't break into the Hype House, but were let in by a care taker who said they could go inside and film. The Hype House members, however, are claiming that this "care taker" doesn't exist and that every door in the house was locked.

While at the house, Maria put on Chase Hudson's hoodie and filmed a TikTok, but she says she did not take the hoodie with her. "I am not a thief, never have been and never will be," she said in a now-deleted apology video.

Despite that, the Hype House members are claiming that the group trashed their house, which was allegedly cleaned by a maid service before they moved out. Ryland Storms, Connor Yates, and more posted videos showing the damage done to their house, claiming the girls stole things and may have even flushed their fish.

Both Roselie and Maria have apologized on social media, and apparently to Chase privately. Avani Gregg has mentioned filing a lawsuit, but it's unclear if they are moving forward with it.

Who is Jenny Popach? Everything to Know About The Girl Who Allegedly Broke Into the Hype House With Her Mom (11)

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Who is Jenny Popach? Everything to Know About The Girl Who Allegedly Broke Into the Hype House With Her Mom (12)

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Who is Jenny Popach? Everything to Know About The Girl Who Allegedly Broke Into the Hype House With Her Mom (2024)


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