The Alpha and Luna: His Human Luna by Skylar Greene - GALATEA (2024)


I’ve just wrapped up my last class for the day. I despise this season, the way darkness descends so early. It’s only half past six, but it might as well be midnight.

I’m making my way to my blue Mazda3 when I catch the sound of footsteps behind me. I resist the urge to look back, instead quickening my pace towards my car.

Normally, I’m not this jittery about leaving class after dark. But ever since my ex started leaving unhinged voicemails, I’ve been on edge.

I scramble into my car and fire up the engine. I dial my sister, Julia. She picks up on the first ring.

“Hey, Jade. How was class?” I’m panting, trying to rein in my anxiety. “Jade, what happened? Just breathe and talk to me.”

After a few moments of deep breaths, I manage to steady myself. “Sorry, Julia. I just...I felt like someone was following me.”

Julia snorts. “Why don’t you just get a restraining order against Owen?”

Owen is my ex, who’s morphed into a stalker. I ended things with him months ago. We were only together for two months, but he’s convinced we’re soulmates.

I discovered too late that he was a violent psychopath. But I finally mustered the courage to leave him. He didn’t take it well and has been harassing me ever since.

“Julia, you know as well as I do that a restraining order won’t deter Owen. His family is loaded. They’d just bribe any cop who tried to protect me.”

I try to make Julia understand the extent of Owen’s influence. I’m praying he’ll find a new obsession soon. I assure Julia I’m almost home and will see her in a few minutes.

I end the call and spot my apartment building. I pull into my parking spot and step out of the car. Then everything goes black.

I come to in a bed that looks like mine, but isn’t. My eyes snap open and I sit up abruptly. Why am I in Owen’s bed?

The last thing I remember is stepping out of my car, something covering my mouth, and then...nothing. I glance down and realize I’m wearing a flimsy nightgown, sans underwear.

I pray Owen didn’t violate me while I was unconscious. I’m terrified, but I hope I can reason with him.

I spot my shoes by the closet door. I’m not feeling too dizzy anymore, so I attempt to stand.

Once I’m steady on my feet, I slip on my shoes and scan the room for my phone or any of my belongings.

The room is devoid of my things, save for my shoes. I’m so engrossed in my thoughts, I don’t notice Owen entering the room.

He catches me, shoes on, looking around. He strides over and slaps me so hard I crumple to the floor. I scramble away from him, hand flying to my stinging cheek.

“Didn’t I warn you, Jade? Didn’t I tell you we were meant to be? See what happens when you misbehave? You force me to do things like this,” he spits, his eyes blazing.

I’m shocked at his audacity, blaming me for his actions.

“Owen, can we talk about this like adults? I’m sure Julia is worried sick,” I try to reason with him.

His response chills me to the bone.

“Your sister isn’t worried. I texted her from your phone, told her you’re safe.”

I rack my brain, trying to figure out what he could have said. Julia knows he’s unhinged and that I want nothing to do with him.

He continues, “Don’t worry. She doesn’t know you’re with me. She thinks you’re crashing at a friend’s place.”

A wave of relief washes over me. Julia won’t buy that. She knows she’s my only friend. I hope she’s looking for me.

He closes the distance between us, lifts me up, and tosses me onto the bed. I’m terrified by his aggression. He climbs on top of me. I knee him in the groin and try to make a run for it.

He yanks me back by my hair, toppling the bedside lamp in the process. I land on the bed and reach for a shard of the broken lamp.

He hoists himself back atop me, aiming for a kiss. I seize the shattered fragment, slashing his face from forehead to chin. The wound is deep, blood seeping out in torrents.

I seize the moment of distraction to leap from the bed and bolt through the door. I sprint outside, pushing myself until my legs refuse to carry me further.

Pausing to catch my breath, I scan my surroundings to ensure he hasn’t pursued me. I press on, running until I reach the sanctuary of my apartment.

As I cross the threshold, my sister rushes towards me, her face streaked with tears. “What happened? What did he do to you?” Her arms wrap around me in a tight embrace, her sobs echoing in my ears.

Through her weeping, she manages to say, “I called the police, but they said since your text said you were with a friend, they wouldn’t start searching for you until twenty-four hours had passed.”

She finally releases me from her grip, her crying subsiding. Her gaze finally meets mine, and I can see the fear in her eyes as she takes in the sight of the blood.

“Julia, the blood isn’t mine. It’s his. I had to cut him to escape. We need to leave this place for good. He won’t stop until he either has me or I’m dead.”

I hurry to the bathroom for a quick shower. As I wash my face, I wince at the sting on my lips from his slap. I push the memory away. I hastily pack my bag and instruct Julia to do the same.

We stuff our bags with everything we can and dive into my car, desperate to put distance between us and him. I snatch her phone and fling it out the window. I can’t risk him tracking us down. I drive until exhaustion sets in, ensuring we are hours away from him.

The Alpha and Luna: His Human Luna by Skylar Greene  - GALATEA (2024)


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